Gig List ​​

Saturday 16th December: The Green Note, Camden.
Matinee Christmas Party show with Danny Gruff.
Doors 2pm. Music starts at 2.20pm. Finished by 5pm. All ages.

Thursday 21st December: The Cinnamon Club, Altrincham
Christmas Party with Danny Gruff and LizzieJane
7pm. Click here for tickets

House Shows
I often get asked to do house shows. I love doing them, and I often do tours just of house shows, I currently haven't planned what I'm doing when I get back from Nashville, so I don't have any dates I can give you, but if you're in the UK and you'd like a private show in your house for your friends, family and yourself and have a specific date you'd like me to play, send me an e-mail and I'm sure we can try and arrange it:​